Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the Sidhe event

Is it possible that the Sidhe, even with all their years of experience (or maybe somehow because of it) observing alien culture somehow fuck up things diplomatically through misunderstandings, and maybe some human pomposity/Sidhe perceived haughtiness or something? Some kind of courtly thing, maybe stirred up by agents of the Darkness working covertly - do they intervene on that precise a level - the Darkness I mean - getting involved at street level, or just cosmically? I think its more fun if they can be anywhere...the Light too...

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  1. I actually assumed they, the Light & Darkness, could intervene at any level, it just costs them more power to work openly on the "material" plane. The Sidhe fouling things up as a result of a diplomatic faux-pas? Sure, anything's possible. I always kind of had it in mind that some Sidhe War-Master decided to defend the border against some villages that got built too close to their empire for his comfort by burning them to the ground and slaughtering the inhabitants the way he would with, say, a Goblin village. It's possible that the Sidhe issued a warning not to come any closer a couple of generations earlier and it was either never taken seriously or forgotten. To the Sidhe that would be like yesterday. Or an hour ago or something. I can see them getting pissed off about that and going all Elven rage on it when they looked back over the fence and saw we were squatting in their yard even though they just told us not to.