Friday, December 23, 2011

maps and stuff

I mentioned this in the comments, but decided it deserved its own entry.

I am planning on creating a rather large-ish globe that I can paint to match the GW terrain. Any tips or suggestions on the actual construction, etc are welcome (and encouraged).

Earth is unique in that she is titled roughly 23 degrees on her polar axis. It is this tilt that really gives our seasonal weather diversity. Do we assume a similar type situation exists on GW? Is the GW planetary system like the Solar system? How big/far away is her sun? How about moon(s)?


  1. I think we still need to work on scale and redraw maps. I never really envisioned Garnia for instance being much larger than, say, France or maybe Germany, but merging the old maps together makes the various nations huge. The steppes should be immense, I have no problems with that. Khazarak should be like the Himalayas and Hindu Kush mountains or more. Tirnakaur should be the size of the Iberian peninsula roughly. Frodia is slightly smaller than Garnia and Wodanslund is 1/2 the size of Frodia.

    Axial tilt giving seasons is a good question, I like the idea of having them, so I think we should. I'd also like to make the assumption of a yellow sun about the size of ours, to keep things simple, and since life evolved here in the first place, assume that it's roughly as far from the sun as earth. Moons? 1 is fine by me unless I can think of a compelling reason to have more or less.

    This all makes the basic assumption that we're working within scientific laws of our physical universe though, and this is an explicitly different universe with real and powerful magic, so it's possible that the entire world is just floating down a giant never ending stream and that the sun only goes away at night because the god driving the solar chariot has finished his daily rounds.

  2. Any tips or suggestions on the actual construction, etc are welcome

    Take a plastic or rubber ball, rough it up with sandpaper and cover it with papier-mâché. Paint and then give it a coat or two of spray varnish.

  3. David, ty, that's where I was leaning on going with the project based on some other research. I'm thinking one of those rubber play balls from like Target would work great...

  4. You may have seen it already but this site has a great pdf template that you could perhaps play around with in a graphics programme. Even if you just used it to create a rough outline over which you'd paint the map.

  5. David, I had not seen that yet, thank you!