Thursday, December 22, 2011

Every Garnia Map I Have

All of the extant Garnia maps in my possession.

I made this using GIMP so I'd have a rough map for my game.

I threw the ethnic groups on this version.

Darryl made this one in 7th grade.

This one too.

My wife drew this one based on my rough map. It isn't to scale or anything, and the countries don't have their modern names, but it is a damned sight better than the rough map it's based on.


  1. whats the deal with the giant bay over in the northwest? is that a thing now?

  2. The "Giant Bay" is actually the Alt-Mediterranean setting I developed and attached the Mona map is based on my GIMP map and my GIMP map was WAY not to scale, I was running out of space on the western edge and couldn't figure out how to resize for more space. I got the general shape of the continental area in, but it looks like a shrink ray hit the western 1/2 to 2/3rds of the map. The Barbarian Steppes should stretch out easily 3 times as far as they do, Frodia should be just a little bit smaller than Garnia, and Khazarak isn't just a sliver of a mountain chain either- it's the size of Garnia on it's own. Think of it as a map made by Garnian cartographers that had only really ever heard of some of the other lands and wanted to diminish the importance of Frodia and her allies.