Tuesday, December 20, 2011

From the Google Doc 4

That all works for me, although I’d like to add some Helvetii as well - give the call to arms as it were of your Boga-Treveri as another motivating factor in the Helveti migration. That they burned 18 villages in preparation of the move ought to earn them some role in the founding of GW :)

So the Sidhe are kinda like early Vulcan scientists observing other worlds’ cultures and zapping home certain species to avoid their extinction if necessary - kind of a damn the prime directive sort of society as it were - do they just repopulate other places and leave the newly relocated species to their own devices? With animals, how often do things backfire on them - you know how adding a non-native species to an eco-system can fuck things up - with sentients do the Sidhe interact at all or just let them figure it out on their own? Are they truly free here, or on preserves or refuges or the like?

After some research, I don’t see any menhir or similar anceint stonework of note in the area of the Helvetii migration according to Caesar...doesn’t mean they weren’t there 2000 years ago though...

So French Celts and Irish Celts - how different? I think you were telling me something about it, but I forget. (And I suppose its Gallic Celts and Gaelic Celts?)


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  1. Right, kind of like Vulcans and kind of like the "Preservers" mentioned in Star Trek TOS. They also have an innate sense of how things will fit together in an environment and don't really screw things up, although screw ups happen based on accidents occasionally or outside intervention more frequently; in those cases, the Elves would work to set things right I would think.