Sunday, September 9, 2012

This Blog

The intention of this blog was always to invite other people into the design process with Darryl and I, wherever in the world they were, as long as they could share the vision of our Garnia with us. Darryl and I don't always agree on everything, and I usually have final edit rights to most things about the entire "World of Garnia" project, but for the most part we're on the same page.

A lot of you have been following this blog since I started it and watched the various phases of our "reboot" design process, I'd like to formally open up the world for everyone's input since I never explicitly stated it. We are looking for people to help us with several different parts of the project now that we are shifting into high gear, including, but not limited to, helping with the development and playtesting of a Garnia specific RPG system, setting art, writing short fiction set in Garnia World, helping develop portions of the world via Gazetteers, and converting adventures and campaign setting stuff into game systems that we don't play, like D20/Pathfinder for instance.

If anyone is interested in really being a part of the team, reply here or send me an email at williamjdowie AT gmail DOT com.


Also, check out my Viking themed One-Page Dungeon contest on my other blog, it is tangentially related to Garnia and if you enter, you get a free magnet.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Garnia World large scale map

Ok so this is sans political borders. Nova Roma is around that large sea in the north-west. The big land mass along the western third of the map is a real melting pot. The Sidhe enclave is in the southern tip. The Altan Ordu is just north of there. There are Aztecs and African bushmen somewhere in the mix. About where that first little bay is going south from the "Med" about a fist sized chunk of land is the Jurassic relocation place with dinosaurs.

At the bottom is the island chain where the Vikings live. Somewhere not pictured yet are Byzantines. The peninsula in the east is Tirnakaur, the southern strip of which is the lands of the Necromancer. Above that are those pirate isles. The land mass to the north has coastal Iroquois then the Ming Liang dynasty. Towards that giant rift are the Mistlands. West of there will be the great steppes to the north and Garnia to the south covering all of the territory that forms the northern border of the great Al-Mah sea. That first big island in the middle of that sea is Balgof, a Sidhe outpost. At the western elbow of the Al-Mah is the east coast of Frodia and Wodanslund. NW of that (west of Garnia) are the mountains of Khazarak, and west of that is the Romans again.

I'm a little unsure of some of the political boundaries, so that's why they aren't there yet, but this way folks should be able to get more of a gist of where things are.