Thursday, December 29, 2011

An Observation

I started this as a second blog for two reasons.

First, Darryl and I were having a long running conversation, partly on the phone and partly in a Google doc, that was getting, at least for me, too unwieldy, so I copied it here into the series of posts titled From the Google Doc 1-7. This was pretty much just what I said, then what he said, back and forth, raw creative processes in a semi-question and answer format.

Second, I wanted other people to have some input too. I figured that if Darryl and I get stuck too much together sometimes we get bogged down in our respective academic and gaming backgrounds, so a little more diversity of ideas and opinions would be nice.

On the first part, I think the transfer has had some growing pains. We have ground to a near halt to be honest, and I can't decide if it's the Christmas holidays making our schedules tighter, since I did start this right before Christmas, or if the blog format is making us too conservative about what we have to say because we know other people will see it before it's really ready for prime time. I know I am spending a lot more time polishing what I have to say rather than just sending it out stream of consciousness style to see what ideas are good and what sucks, then sorting the wheat from the chaff later.

As to the second point, I think we're doing OK. I like the comments so far, they have been pretty helpful and I encourage more commenting. I actually encourage anyone who wants to write a guest post here to drop me a line, even if it's just to ask us some questions about the campaign world that we haven't answered because I know most of it is still stuck in my head. So go ahead and ask me questions, try and stump me, I know this is a reboot, but it's a reboot that's more of a sifting out wheat from the chaff, to use my agriculture reference again (my dad would be proud), so there's a whole lot locked in my brain that's not going to come out unless someone asks the right questions.

Oh yeah, and what percentage of the vote in the poll should a group need to have to get to stay?


  1. did you vote?
    personally, I think the poll is nice and all, but a very small sample and ultimately should have little to no actual impact on our development of the product...

    to the first point - I guess the holidays have been a part. I'm not really too concerned about self editing for the viewers -

    I'm a little bummed about the feedback on that email - I was kinda excited about that thing I was working out, but you don't seem to share any of my enthusiasm for it - kind of deflated me I guess...

  2. I did vote in the poll, but I voted pretty conservatively and I wanted to keep my thoughts on the matter pretty much to myself until the poll closed. You're probably right about the small sample size, but right now, these guys here are the guys we are working with; they're the ones that were interested enough in what we had going on here to check it out, so I do actually care what they think. I want feedback, more is better; if we want to really develop this world we need to set a baseline and work from there. We have the beginnings of our baseline, we know what is definitively canon, we are now trying to work out what should or shouldn't be canon.

    I am glad you're not too self conscious about writing things other people will read, I self edit way more now that there is an audience; but I already mentioned that above. I'd like to get back to more regularly working on stuff.

    I did send you an email back asking for some clarification about the system you were working on, I wasn't opposed to it or anything, and I didn't mean to shut you down. I am sorry if that's what happened there. I didn't get back to you quickly because of Christmas, but I did read through your proposed system.

    I also was kind of waiting for you to post about the way magic works, like we talked about on Christmas Eve; because we had a good, system neutral concept there. We need to flesh it out some, but it had a good skeleton that explains the nature of magic and the divine/arcane split in D&D pretty well too.

  3. lets talk more about what i came up with - it all grew from that magic we were talking about - I kind of reverse engineered the rest of it from there...I probably didn't explain things very well - it was kind of notes at first is all that I tried to add some explanation to.

    And its not that I don't value the contributions from the viewers - but I'm not willing to necessarily exclude a group that I like just because it doesn't get a lot of votes. For the time being at least I'm going to retain (co)executive override of anything...

    Part of the thing is that my last decision was that I needed to codify this CF and come up with a development plan of sorts. That doesn't sound like fun, so I've not been in a big rush. Plus Bloons TD 5 just came out, so there's that...