Saturday, June 23, 2012

So Remember When...

...I said we needed to set an end time zone to the migrations of Humans from Earth to Garnia World otherwise the Mistlanders would end up looking something like this-

When really it was my intention for them to be more like these guys-

Lower in Tech level than the contemporary Garnians, Frodians and Ming Liang, but not substantially lower, just poorer and less developed.

These richer guys have better equipment, and are obviously the leaders and their immediate retainers-

Some of them have horses too-

These pictures show the cultural diversity of the Mistlands, both mounted and on foot-

These pictures show professional warriors, some mounted-

But your hard-core, old school warrior goes to battle in a chariot, like his ancestors did-

Check out his grisly old school Celtic collection-

Then the poor guys get to show up with the same stuff they'd use to go hunting, because every able bodied man of the Clan gets to come out and play.

So, how do you like my visual representation of what the Mistlanders look like? I got all of the pictures from the Gripping Beast website, they Dark Ages Picts, Caledonians and Scots-Irish from their new SAGA line.

For what it's worth, this is about where the Garnians are military technology-wise-

And they are the preeminent military power in their part of the world. Sorry that one's in an unpainted state, I couldn't find a copy of them painted.

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