Thursday, June 21, 2012

Must Decide End Date for Human Migrations

I have been thinking pretty hard on this one and we need an end date for when the last Humans make it to Garnia World. I got to thinking on this for two reasons. The Chronomancer's gate was immediately destroyed after a single, large use. Gunpowder. Either it doesn't work because of DM fiat, or the last people through any gates have got to pre-date gunpowder which is already a problem for some established areas, like the Iroquois, Mongols and Aztecs. Probably a problem for the Byzantines. Possibly a problem for the Chinese, and any later period Celtic transfers will need an end date.

I got to thinking about this because I was looking for Scottish Highlander miniatures to represent the Mistlanders and came across these guys.

Pretty cool eh? almost perfect, except the guy on the far right has two pistols. So, two questions I guess when do the last people come from Earth? Does gunpowder work on Garnia World or does magic change physics and chemistry?

On the one hand I can see gunpowder weapons not destroying a fantasy campaign, plenty of games have them. They are expensive, slow to reload, prone to misfires under sub-optimal conditions, etc. On the other hand, we've never had them there before and it puts certain areas at a much lower tech level than others, which was always true, but now it's even worse. Stone age Aztecs versus a gunpowder tech equipped Mongol horde? Stone age Iroquois against these guys? Crusader era Knights against these guys?

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