Saturday, June 23, 2012

OK, I Found Some More.

Having my back out is really, really boring, in addition of course to the pain, for which I have drugs; but it has given me a lot of time to consider all things Garnian. Since I am not an artist myself, I hunted down more miniatures from the cultures and time periods, all painted this time, for a few more examples of what I am going for culturally and technologically with the Mistlanders.

These are from EBOB Miniatures "Rebellion" line, it's a miniature battle game about half inspired by the movie "Braveheart" and half by actual history of the period. These guys are from the Scottish line, obviously, and are either inspired by the Braveheart fantasy, which is fine for the Mistlands, or are actual late 13th-early 14th century Scottish Highlanders.

Now the same company made these next guys who make pretty good stand ins for "contemporary" Garnians-

Ironically, they are also from the Scottish line, except for the Welsh Archers, just a tad on the more historically accurate side.

I spent a bunch of time today researching China for the Empire of Ming Liang and decided that they must have come over from Earth probably during the "Three Kingdoms" period of civil war where there were at least three legitimate claimants to the Han dynasty. The period officially* lasted from 220 to 280 AD, and the Chinese population dropped from 50 million to 16 million. Anytime more than half of a population turns up missing, that's a good opportunity for us to transport people, and I always said these weer Han Chinese, I assumed I was speaking ethnically, but it may just be an ACTUAL Han dynasty ruling here, just under the new name. The Chinese like to give every new dynasty a new name to distinguish it from an unlucky old one, maybe these guys are following that tradition?

Anyway, their technology level should have advanced to roughly the level of the Song dynasty, which I could not find any pictures for in a brief search today, but when I am completely ready for my 20 Questions about Ming Liang, or if someone else wants to do it, I should be ready or ready to help. Which of course means we still have to answer the chemistry and physics question, does gunpowder work here on Garnia World? I have deliberately held the world's "core" areas back in tech level to avoid the gunpowder question, but the Song Chinese certainly had it, primitive as it was in it's uses.

*There was some internal strife and Warlordism starting in 184 AD, as the Han started to weaken and lose territory to rivals.  

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