Thursday, June 21, 2012

So I got to thinking about Dwarves.

Dwarves as they pertain to Garnia World anyway. Their enormous mountain kingdom is slowly being eaten away by various species of humanoids and other foul creatures, so they have inevitably found their way into the service of the young human kingdoms that have sprouted up around them, party because they were refugees and partly because they are still holding a grudge against the Sidhe for sealing off their home plane from them forever.

I kind of ranted a bit the other day on my other blog about how all Dwarves have become Scottish and it annoyed me, but then I thought it over and, hey, the Mistlands are a mountainous region full of Gaelic speaking Clansmen, essentially they are Scottish Highlanders. Dwarves are naturals for mountainous regions, and refugees from their own kingdoms that are willing to adopt the customs of the humans they live amongst, for the most part. So why shouldn't I add these guys to the growing forces of Highlander miniatures that I have? They'd pretty much fit right in, am I right?

Then I got to thinking about the Dwaves that would have been early joiners of the Celts, maybe even when they were still building Crannogs and Brochs out on the Steppe, mostly because I have a lot of Ancient Celt miniatures, and I saw them on the West Wind Dwarf Wars site along with the Highlanders, so what the hell, these guys can join too right? Plus I like to play early period Garnia sometimes.

Then I remembered that the other side of Khazarak is Roman, some of them must have gone that way, Dwarf Wars to the rescue again, and Black Tree Designs.Considering the Black Orc Games Simians, the Romans are going to have some AWESOME legions.

Here are the Simians- I already have a couple and can say they are quality pieces.

Now this is what the "modern" Garnian Dwarven Guard looks like in my head, because despite it being 2012 there like it is here, they have a roughly 12-13th century level of technology in Garnia, magic will do that I suppose.

This is about what Khazarak usually fields in it's endless wars against the forces of Darkness-

And a couple of Hero/Leader types for Khazarak-

Potentially members of the Altan Ordu?

I'll have to think on this one a bit, but the presence of appropriate miniatures for a fantasy campaign certainly makes it a more viable option.

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