Thursday, March 29, 2012

Not Getting Ignored

I have another "lost" map to post here, once I dig out my scanner from underneath the mountain of gaming stuff I have buried it under. Darryl found it in his stuff and sent it back with me last Saturday for me to post here. I call it a "lost" map, because it is clearly based on the original Garnia maps from when we were in 7th grade, it has the same outlines and all of the old countries, including a couple that I had forgotten existed; but it also clearly post dates that time period significantly. Darryl had mentioned to me that he had run a Garnia campaign when he lived in Utah, maybe it dates from that period? I don't know. I do find it interesting in that it has a couple of original countries on it, and the names of cities are changed or they have been moved. When he and I talked about it his best guess was that the map he worked from had the original countries outlines, but that the cities were illegible.

In other Garnia related news, I am working somewhat frantically to complete for this coming Sunday, the Viking island of Dvergrholm, which is going to contain that Dwarven gate to Garnia from Viking age Earth that I alluded to earlier this month. I tend to jump when I want to playtest something, so I am both designing the setting and converting stuff from various games as I go to make a more Nordic themed B/X D&D game.

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