Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Sorry if the last post here was cryptic, I am kind of making it up as I go along and kind of building on the old 3e/Neverwinter Nights Norseworld campaign setting that I ported into Garnia World after the fact. I had an idea for an origin story for them, kind of like the campaign I ran in the 1990s for 2nd edition AD&D with the Celts campaign sourcebook material that became the backstory for all of Garnia. Only here I am starting a "new" Norse colony on an island in the north Atlantic ocean, maybe between the Faeroes and Iceland? Anyway, this island has a Norse colony on it, and they find some ancient ruins too, and a tower with a dungeon and lots of weird reatures and riches and stuff. Now this is the type of thing that will get pushed into the realm of "romantic" or "legendary" saga material by later scholars, if anything is ever found referencing it, but ultimately I am thinking that the island itself, along with the tower/dungeon complex is a gateway to Garnia world. This sounds to me more like a Dwarf built gate than an Elf built one right? But I actually got the idea from the old PC game "Master of Magic", where they had the towers that, once you defeated the occupants, would transport you from the primary world of Arcanus to the other world Myrra; or vice versa if you started off as a Myrran.

So my thought here is that there is an island with a tower/dungeon complex that must be "defeated" in order to gain control of it so the Norsemen can come from Earth to Garnia. Since it brings the entire island, they'll have their families, homes, livestock, ships and everything when they get there, so population and immediate survival concerns won't really be an issue.

The plus side is, I get to start playing something Garnia related, even if it may be a long time before it gets us to Garnia, right away. I can't really see a down side, except, maybe, that I am not using the core Garnia Celtic area, but I don't want to screw with the development process going on here and elsewhere with regard to them. Oh, that and I will be ditching my current B/X game to do this.

Any thoughts?

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