Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Goblins Slightly Modified

I started my Norse campaign on Sunday and the first non-humans that the Viking adventurers encountered were some Goblins. Since they had absolutely no frame of reference for monsters I kind of ad-libbed a bit of the description of them, basing them partly on the 1st edition AD&D Monster Manual, and partly on what I was feeling at the moment. I described them as "a pair of short orange skinned, yellow-eyed humanoids", remembering something I read once about Bugbears using catnip as a narcotic, and given the fact that they have infravision, I added later that they had cat-slit pupils to their eyes. The best part though was the kittenish "mew" of pain I gave the first one as the party attacked them from ambush and speared it to death. They felt bad for the poor wee, cute Goblin; not that it stopped them from slaying the other one and looting their corpses.

Anyway, henceforth it is established that all Goblinoids on Garnia world have a vaguely catlike, although not furry except for the Bugbears, appearance. The pointy ears doesn't hurt for that effect either.

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