Friday, March 9, 2012


I have been sick for a while, but I have also been waiting for some new maps from Darryl before I went ahead and posted too much more here. I have the Dragon post for Garnia that I haven't actually gotten around to writing yet still kicking around in my head. I also have, somewhere in all my stored D&D stuff here, a bunch of old, old 7th grade Garnia stuff that, while I may mine some of it for ideas, is frankly cringe-worthy when I look at it. There's a reason I keep it in storage after all, but I am planning on scanning those original pages of what amount to a "Garnia World Gazetteer". They have pages and pages of history written by myself and Darryl, coats of arms for the various noble houses of Garnia, the original Garnian pantheon- spoiler alert- Garn and Frodal are prominent deities, and much, much more. I just have to find where I put it, I know I have seen it since I moved back here, but I don't remember where I packed it away. Anyway, it's fun to look at from a purely historical perspective, to see where we came from and how the campaign world developed, what ideas we kept and what we discarded and how things evolved over the decades; or it's a fun look at a campaign world designed by two precocious naive thirteen year olds just starting out, trying to make something as cool as "Greyhawk" or "The Known World".

Anyway, I didn't want people to think I'd abandoned the project entirely, I have actually been kicking around another, smaller section of the world to detail as a part of another project I have been working on in an on again off again, as I can, when I can kind of a way. OK, it's the Japanese Samurai Island empire of Tenchuko for my Oriental Adventures project. They are located "off map" to the east of Ming Liang (AKA The Bright Empire).

I also have another, more detailed timeline I am working on, but it's still mostly in my head too. I hope to have another post ready for you guys on Sunday.

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