Tuesday, May 15, 2012

OK, we actually did stuff yesterday

I picked up Dalton and we headed over to Darryl's house, which is pretty cool when you have three people on your design team that can get together and brainstorm over things and I drew out a much better -to scale- world map. We discussed a bunch of timeline issues, including the thorny question of why are there Dinosaurs in Garnia? Chronomancy by those ecology loving Elves, or rather their more magically powerful ancestors, the Sidhe. It was a failed experiment because the forces of Darkness launched an invasion into their experimental Chronomantic area, Goblins mainly, driving the Sidhe Chronomancers either away or killing them, are those secrets lost? Were they stolen by the forces of Evil? Or were they simply destroyed? All I know is that there is a pretty cool "Lost World" area to go adventuring, and it had some weird ancient ruins too, as well as all the Tyrannosaurus Rexii and Veliciraptors, wild Goblins, and Lizards Men, both primitive and advanced, and all manner of other jungle and swamp dwelling goodness.

I also found this pretty cool looking miniature on another blog and thought I'd share him here, he's exactly the sort of Celtic bad-ass that overthrew the Sidhe Empire.

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