Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Not a lot of activity here.

When I set this blog up as separate from my "main" blog, it was intended to foster all kinds of intellectual fermentation on the topic of world building. When we started off we were on fire, then we just kind of stopped. I have to say it has made me wonder if the project is worth doing or if, just maybe, we should scrap the idea that we came up with in 7th grade, and refined slowly, but surely over the course of our adult lives; and just start something new? I don't know, I am tired and I have been sick, and I have a dozen other gaming projects on my plate too.

This blog stares at me every time I post to my other blog and accuses me for not finishing up some bit that I can't make my mind up about, like when was the Necromancer war? How long was the war against the Sidhe Empire? How long did the first Garnian kingdom hold together before Frodia split off? Did Frodia split off before or after Tirnakaur? I think before, because Tirnakaur represents an older Garnian Royal line, but then how long were they united before their succession crisis split them into eastern and western factions? How long did the Sidhe empire rule before the coming of man? We know it was at least 50,000 years, because they acted as preservers for species that died out on earth and, presumably, other worlds. When did the forces of Darkness invade for the first time? When did the first Elves fall and become "Dark Sidhe"? How long were the Dwarves in contact with the Sidhe empire and what did they trade? We know the racial enmity between Dwarves and Elves is caused by the fact that the Elves sealed the gates back to the Dwarven home world, when did this happen? I know why.

Multi-planar war between the forces of Good and the forces of Evil; Men, Elves and Dwarves caught in the middle of it. Halflings too if anyone can give me a good enough reason, hell, I'll even bring back the Gnomes, so the entire 1st edition AD&D Players Handbook will be useful again. Just give me a good reason that doesn't say "They're in the book, so I should be allowed to play one.", I was never a Gnome fan, I used to be a Halfling fan, because I loved the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, but that's a reason to NOT have them here.


  1. I like most of those questions - I guess we should try to sit down and find answers. I've been dealing with tons of leg/back pain lately. Can't sleep. Mostly try to find natural alternatives to the giant bottle of narcotics the doc gave me for when it gets too bad - I don't want to end up a pill junkie.

    Lets try to arrange a day where you can come out here for a solid part of the day and we can hash some shit out RE the project as a whole and try to adopt a plan of action? (or decide to scape the whole thing, which I guess could be an option, but I think we should really explore all options...)

    Hope your dad is ok.

    1. My dad seems OK, although it was probably a minor stroke, he's not really talking too much about the experience and neither is my mom, like they are both in denial that it happened at all and they are just going back to the way life was before he went in the hospital, which he can apparently handle.

      The timeline of Garnia drives me a little crazy, and I think it's because I keep getting wrapped up in the minutia of events rather than the grand sweep of history; but then I think some of those small event are really important, like when and how do the Arabs arrive? We've never discussed that, or the Iroquois, or the Mongols, or any of the other Human groups that we threw into Garnia, other than the Celts and Romans (who actually started out as two different campaigns that I merged together because the maps just serendipitously fit together), as it turns out the Han Chinese are an important ethnic group now too, and only some really super shitty terrain, replete with humanoids, really keeps them and Garnia apart. When and how did the Chinese arrive? Another unanswered question, their country is called "Ming Liang" here, but that doesn't necessarily associate them with the Ming Dynasty of our world's China. Here's another question, we have a China, a Japan and a Mongol Khanate, albeit nowhere near the other east Asians; is it racist that we don't have more east Asians represented? Do the Arabs and Indians count as Asian? We never figured out where they came from either. We have just two Native American Indian groups here, the Aztecs, who I really use as stock villains, and the Iroquois, who I like because I am from central New York and know their history and am familiar with them and have Iroquois blood relatives.

      I guess we need to have a sit down and discuss a bunch of issues, maybe even put together something useful for starting a campaign in this world, but at least one of us is going to have to take notes and I should probably bring Dalton with me for his insights into the multi-planar war.