Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blog Name Change

I figured we're at a point where development is pretty much a done deal, we're just fleshing out details. I have a rough idea of a 100,000+ year old Sidhe Empire, that collapsed, for the most part, roughly 1800 years ago. I know when, where and how pretty much all of the different Human groups got here. I know how the Dwarves got here and where they came from and why they can't go home. I know the stresses the Sidhe and the Dwarves were under before the Humans were thrown into the mix, all part of the multi-planar war and I have worked out a rough timeline for that as it affects this particular world. Plus we mapped the whole world out. Now I just feel like I should hand out assignments to people so they can flesh out the parts of the world they are most interested in!

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