Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wodanslunder Poetry

The art is "Ride of the Rohirrim" by bintavivi on deviantart, used without permission.

Forst sceal freosan, fyr wudu meltan,
eorþe growan, is brycgian,
wæter helm wegan, wundnun lucan
corþan cibas. An sceal inbindan
forstes fetre felameahtig Þunor;
winter sceal geweorpan, weder eft cuman,
sumor swegle hat, sund unstille.

In English-

Frost shall freeze, fire consume wood,
earth produce growth, ice form a bridge,
water wear helm, wondrously confine
the young sprouts of earth. One shall unbind
the fetters of frost, Thunor Almighty.
Winter shall pass, fair weather return,
summer hot with sun. Unquiet the sound

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