Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What do you all want to see?

What part of the world do you want to see developed first? I am doing Mongol month on my other blog, so it would be easy for me to slip in a bit of detail about the Altan Ordu, but that's a really obscure area for play. I had been pretty hot to do the Nova Roman Empire with it's Ape citizens and it's Goblinoid Egyptian Satrapy but I am waiting on some art for that. I haven't really been working on Garnia World at all since my sister died last month, but I need to get busy doing stuff again, so if there is a part of the world that you all would like to know more about I can oblige. I'll start with a 20-questions and move on from there.


  1. What accounts for the time dilation between earth and Garnia? Is Garnia in a part of the universe that is expanding at relativistic speeds?

    1. Actually, it's on a different plane of existence. A parallel prime material plane closer to the planes of "Good".