Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quick Addendum to the Roman Post

Just a question really, I am interested to know which of the two Fantasy Roman empire campaigns you all liked better? Which you found more interesting as a play environment really I guess is what I am asking.

The older one was mine and Darryl's collaboration and done pretty quickly, it had some pretty interesting elements to it, I thought the explore the wilderness/conquer in the name of the empire/age of colonization thing was pretty compelling. I also liked very much the Humans only aspect, with Dwarves as magically mutated Humans being the only other race. Except for the home islands, the core of the empire, the rest of the campaign world was a tabula rasa for Darryl and I to work with as we saw fit. I can say honestly that, despite being designed with 2nd edition AD&D, it really reminded me more of the feeling I got from the Expert book and the Isle of Dread back in 1981.

The second campaign was designed much like Garnia was from the start, only with Romans instead of Celts. I had certainly read Harry Turtledove's "Misplaced Legion" and whatever other Videssos books were published by then, all of Katherine Kerr's Deverry books published to that date, as well as Jerry Pournelle's "Janissaries", so I was kind of jaded by the concept of Humans being whisked away to another world, whether it was by magic or aliens didn't really matter. I put them into a pretty carefully crafted pseudo-Mediterranean area and stocked it with some standard AD&D races, which is probably why it fits so well into Garnia. It was designed mostly for the sake of adventuring inside the empire though, although I did leave a "Dark Continent" to explore to the south too; and it had Dinosaurs.

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