Thursday, October 23, 2014

You Know...

I was considering deleting this blog, because neither myself, nor Darryl have posted here in 2 years. Then I came and looked at it and realized that I can't; it just contains so much information about our shared creation, even when we were just spit-balling ideas.

I'd actually like to get back into development mode and start an AD&D 1st edition game there soon. I may have to do a PBEM game though, due to lack of local players available.

Plus I don't think, after a cursory look, that I ever even wrote about "The Castle", a mysterious, moving castle that has been, at one point or another, a major plot focus in my original Garnia campaign groups. Darryl and I once played out a massive miniature battle for possession of that castle that had major, campaign repercussions for my Dempster group. Originally, they had all been there to play their own characters' units that they had painstakingly adventured to gather for months, but most of them were younger than me, and they had to go home before the battle was fully joined, just because it took so bloody long to set up, and it was a school night. Darryl and I were high-school seniors at the time, so apparently didn't need sleep. I remember it was my senior year because I got bored in Physics and started writing a pretty epic poem about one of the NPCs that had died there.

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